Your business is thriving but you need help to grow

Sometimes you need Risk specialists so you can focus on business growth

Perhaps Risk Management and Insurance seems overly complicated and time consuming

Let the experts convert your Risk Management and Insurance problems to solutions

We’ll find solutions and work together to help you focus.

Now watch your business grow

How We Excel

Our clients value our services because of our help with two important aspects of all business: we help protect our clients’ business from catastrophic events and we help grow our clients’ business. This is accomplished using our deep experience in Risk Identification, Mitigation and Transfer. Such Risk Management allows our clients to focus on growing the business.  We bring our network of professionals to the table for each client; a network that has been decades in development.

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How We Started

Michael Wiebe founded Wiebe Associates, LLC (WA) to advise business owners on business protection and business growth. We have been advising and growing with our clients since 2004.  Please see “Clients” and “Engagements” sections for representative examples of our clients Risk Management successes.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients’ business in as many ways as possible to cope with the “risks of doing business.” We are the business advisor for business owners, professional service firms, Small Cap and Mid Cap, Public and Private enterprises, CEO’s, Boards of Directors, CFO’s and HR Directors who want to control or reduce cost of Risk Management and Insurance.

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They have been invaluable to our business, an in-home massage start-up, which presents challenging potential legal liability issues for insurers. Additionally, Mike has been a great resource on Risk Management and Insurance issues since my early days in the business. — Samer Hamadeh, Founder & CEO,
One area in which most companies do not have INDEPENDENT advice (other from someone selling insurance) is risk and compatible insurance, if desired. I have always found Wiebe Associates right on! Initially, I used him when I was occupying a CFO position. More recently, I have directed my attention to sitting on boards, generally chairing the Audit & Risk Committee. Wiebe & Associates are a valuable tool to recognize holes in the coverage or places to save money…..or both. — Dick Randall, Former CFO Coach, Inc
Mike serves as our out-sourced Risk and Insurance Consultant and does an outstanding job. He is a great dialogue partner and provides good sound insurance advise. He is a true team player especially when things are constantly changing. Don’t know what we’d do without him.— Susan Plotzky, Treasurer
I've known Mike professionally for a couple decades; there is no one who is more dedicated to client Risk Management. — Scott Coopersmith, Partner IWS
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and observing his dedication to clients for over 30 years. Over all of this time I have never seen him do anything but work to the best interests of his clients. His reputation as the consummate professional in risk management has been built up as a result of doing what’s right not what’s expedient.— Joe Mara, Senior Managing Partner, Tandragee Consulting Services